About TJ Point

TJ Point has a great heritage in offering assistance and support to enterprises that intend to face the Chinese market.

TJ Point is the main supplier to the home appliance market place in Europe.

Our offices are located in Europe and China; our staff , composed by professional people, is able to manage a very wide range of services to provide our customers with the most reliable and best possible outcomes in the market.

TJ Point has become over the years a leading name in supplying services.

Now TJ Point has more than 500 commodities, devices and appliances ranging across such categories as: Audio Visual, Kitchen, Household, Floor care, Food & Beverages Appliances, Cooling, Heating and Personal Care.

Currently, trade relationships with our more than 100 suppliers and manufacturers are strong and privileged, and we are honored to be the partners of providers who are recognized internationally for their high rate of credibility and efficiency.

TJ Point focuses on supplying customers with in-house services, concentrating our work in sourcing, producing and delivering goods on time and on budget.